Western Star 5800 SS Truck

We’re in it with you for the long haul.

Navigating Australian roads with heavy loads has never been smoother than in a Western Star 5800. This Star model moves with a style that appears effortless. But we’ve engineered it that way. Enhanced by a sloped, high visibility bonnet and set-back front axle, this heavy duty truck can handle a wide variety of applications with peerless manoeuvrability. Put muscle into movement with your choice of engine, driveline and suspension. Your Star, your way.

Choose the Detroit Diesel Engine for you

Detroit DD13: 12.8 L, up to 470 hp

Detroit DD15: 14.8 L, up to 560 hp

“When you look at the 5800 Western Star, it is a very versatile specced truck in its standard trim that would suit any number of applications where you need light tare weight and good manoeuvrability,” Noel volunteered. “They are really one truck you can just walk in and order and put it straight to work without any modifications.”


Custom-build your Western Star 5800 with the engine, driveline and suspension
combination of your choice and uniquely tailor it from the Western Star options list. Explore the 5800 and see what it’s made of.

5800 Applications

Line Haul
Tipper & Dog
Single Trailer

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