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Truck Mufflers 5″ in/Out – Truck parts & Accessories M100465

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• Most common and popular truck mufflers in the industry
• Aluminised steel Delivers long service life and is corrosion resistant
• Low Backpressure allows better fuel economy and efficient engine performance
• Lightweight Construction minimises stress and vibration
• High-Temperature Paint adds corrosion resistance
and an enhanced finish
• 10” body diameter
• 5” inlet diameter
• 5” outlet diameter

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The M100465 service mufflers are the most popular and common truck mufflers in the industry. These truck mufflers have many features and benefits that make them stand out from the competition.

The use of corrosion resistant aluminised steel extends the service life as does the special high-temperature paint that also helps to enhance the finish.

The low back pressure of these truck mufflers provides incredibly efficient engine performance and excellent fuel economy while the lightweight construction minimises stress and vibration on the mounting system.