LED Lamp w/Blunt Cut, Red, 12-30v 18011RTLC
February 29, 2016
Model 44 Surface Mount Dome, Hardwired 44439C
February 29, 2016

Model 44 Surface Mount Dome w/ switch, Hardwired 44438C

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Polycarbonate Lens and Housing
2 -18 gauge blunt cut wire

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• Surface mount design eliminates the need for large hole cutouts in trailer ceiling
• White housing design blends well with refrigerated trailer interiors
• Available with integrated on/off switch as well as
externally controlled version
• Lens design recesses lens into housing, to prevent damage from impact
• Not affected by cold temperatures, providing flickerfree lighting with a faster start-up time
• Ideal for refrigerated vehicles or those operating in cold weather
• Solid-state LED design is impervious to damage from shock and vibration
• Retrofit or replacement is quick and easy
• LED are fully encapsulated in epoxy to prevent damage caused by moisture and corrosives
• Recommend 3 #10 machine screws for mounting, with torque of 15-18 in-lbs.