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Clutch Kit 15.5X2 EE 4000/1750FTLB N25208935271CBW

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Clutch Kit 15.5X2 EE 4000/1750FTLB N25208935271CBW

EASY EFFORT® clutch line decreases the pedal effort required once the clutch
has reached the disengagement point. The combined effort of the 6 pressure
springs with the 3 extra assist springs allows for a 30% reduction.
The Alliance HDD (Heavy Duty Damper) Disc Assembly is the strongest
disc assembly available in the clutch market.
• Spline Saver design used to increase the strength and circumference
of the input shaft.
• Snap Ring on the Spline Saver allows for easy and even installation of
the clutch discs.
• The 6-Paddle / 6-Spring design incorporates USA made springs that are
longer & stronger than any other clutch disc spring.