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620300 – Air Drier T2000

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The Turbo-2000 is the recommended choice for severe service applications, where the compressor output reaches 30 CFM and duty cycles run as high as 40%! Its ratio of large purge volume to desiccant produces the ideal filtering system and contamination protection for heavy duty service today.

A four-way filtration system, consisting of three filter screens, a unique filtering bag, plus four pounds of high quality molecular sieve desiccant, strips away moisture and traps compressor blow-by. The spin-off cartridge can be serviced in minutes. The compact purge tank can be installed anywhere and provides a full 460 cu. in. of clean purge air.

Improve the overall performance of your air system by upgrading to the Filtration Plus option.

Not only does this option reduce overall operating costs of the air dryer by extending the cartridge service life, but it also optimizes the air systems efficiency by reducing compressor burden caused by downstream contaminants. For all-weather operation the Turbo-2000 is equipped with a sealed 12 Volt (or optional 24 Volt) 75 watt thermostatically controlled heater.